DevOps for the Dotish – Part 1 – Introduction


In this blog series titled “DevOps for the Dotish” I will share with you material that has helped me throughout my life learn technology concepts, and material that I still reference today. I have shared these books/articles/references many times over with people looking to learn or brush up. I figured it’s about time I consolidated this list on this new fangled thing called the internet!

DevOps is a fairly new topic and can be pretty daunting to learn as it covers competencies from all layers of the stack. I’ll split it up into sections so that the material is logically grouped and so that it is easier to digest. I will also be adding to these sections as I discover new material or come across something I think you may benefit from. So like fine wine these articles will get better with time!


doe·tish | Trinidadian |adjective
Silly, foolish, or dumb.
“This is serious, don’t be dotish!”

For those wondering about the origin and use of the word Dotish, it comes from a culture I adore. My fiancé is from Trinidad, a country whose culture anyone can easily fall in love with as its’ filled with celebration, loving life, feeling free, and savoring all things. I take offense to the word Dummies, so I substituted the word with Dotish as it’s a fun way to call someone a dummy. Try it with a Trini Accent!


The items in this section are necessary requirements for moving forward in this series. A solid understanding in each area will make your journey into DevOps an easy one.

Operating Systems

Read on to learn about the inner workings of Operating Systems.


Ever wanted to know what protocols run at what layer of the OSI Model? Then read on please.

Version Control

Please don’t talk to me or anyone about DevOps unless you are leveraging version control for your code. Thank you!

Be on look out for future updates in the series where I go over more advanced topics like Infrastructure As Code, Automation, Configuration Management, and Deployment!